La única forma de oponerse: escuchar al otro

Me gustó leer Pellissier: We can continue to fight for change after Trump, while listening. Después del choque que supuso para algunos colectivos la elección del presidente de los EEUU, se habla sobre cómo vivir con ello a partir de ese momento.

Podemos tener unas opiniones, pero puede que no sean las mayoritarias:

Northwestern students are an opinionated bunch. In my time here, I have seen many students unwilling to even talk to Trump supporters, including some publicly cursing out these students online. Yet after the shock many of us experienced after Tuesday night’s results, it’s evident that the way we see the world, tucked away in our Evanston campus, is quite different from the way much of America does.

Y debemos preguntarnos los motivos por los que otros no piensan como nosotros, aunque creamos tener razón:

We must take a step back from what many thought was an obvious choice and ask, “Why do so many people think differently than we do?” This requires a concerted effort at dialogue, one founded on the idea that while the person sitting across the table may have very different ideas and opinions, their presence at the table indicates a willingness to listen and engage. We must raise the level of our discourse, rather than hurling defamation at those who disagree with us.

Y, la única forma de comprender mejor el mundo y poder aspirar a cambiarlo es escuchar, estar atentos y defender las cosas en las que creemos:

We must continue to stand up for what we believe in, but we must never forget to listen.

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