Dear stupid,

I read your article How you know when you were born to blog, and it was a great surprise to read it. My English is not good, and perhaps I'm missing something and it is just a joke.

I think journalism is a very important profession. Not because you (the journalists) are important, but because sometimes you help the people to know and discover things. I can hardly understand why some journalists are afraid of bloggers, but I cannot understand at all why do you reject blogging in such a strong way. It's obvious that there are as many blogging styles as bloggers and that most of us have not interesting things to say at all. (At least, my interpretation of your article is that you do not consider them an interesting thing).

But you are missing an important point: Internet allows people to communicate and to diffuse their points of view. Blogs reduce the difficulty, allowing more people to say things to the others. This should have, at least, the respect and consideration of the people that in a professional way do a similar thing.

Ops! ten minutes have passed. My opinion changed. Maybe you are not stupid, and you are just a misinformed person who is not doing correctly the homework.

Maybe I'm completely wrong.

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